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Maastricht Science in Court

Maastricht Science in Court (MSiC) is an Interfaculty Research Collaborative that aims to improve the Evidence Base for Legal Decision Making.

In both criminal and civil law the help of (forensic) experts is essential to find the truth and to come to the best possible ruling. However, the experts on the fields of eg. DNA, fingerprints, medicine, anthropology and psychology and all speak their own language. In recent years, it became clear that ‘speaking an understandable language’ in court is not easy. Not seldom statements of experts have been misunderstood and have led to miscarriages of justice. To work on this problem the Maastricht University has started a education and research collaborative, called ‘Maastricht Science in court’. The goal of this initiative is to come to a better understanding between on the one hand the forensic scientists and on the other hand the public prosecutor, judge and lawyer and to move the field towards evidence-based legal decision making.

Maastricht University is heading for a clear and leading position on educating and scientific research in the field of Science in Court. The MSic aims to develop into one of the leading forensic research institutes. The centre seeks collaborations between researchers and educators in the field, both within Maastricht University, national and international.

MSiC has an academic foundation, Maastricht University has chairs in forensic science; forensic medicine, forensic pathology, forensic epidemiology, forensic psychology and forensic radiology.


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