MaCSBio Science Day 2016

The MaCSBio Science Day 2016 was organized on 17 May 2016 at Maastricht University. This was the fist time that MaCSBio officially presented their research to the world and gave everyone a tour of the brand new department.

MaCSBio Science Day 2016

The day was kicked off by Dean of Sciences: Thomas Kleij with a passionate speech about development of sciences. After Prof. Kleij, scientific director of MaCSBio: Ilja Arts took the stage to give an introductory talk about MaCSBio and about one of the research lines: Systems Medicine of Chronic Diseases. The other research line: Computational and Systems Neuroscience was then presented by Prof. Elia Formisano. After the introduction of the MaCSBio-researchlines, the Director of Education: Bert Smeets spoke about the Systems Biology Master's Programme at Maastricht University.

After a well deserved coffeebreak the stage was occupied by the invited speakers, starting with Prof. Steve Russell and followed by Prof. Wim Vanduffel. After their engaging presentations everybody was invited to the Universiteitssingel 60 for lunch and an informal sneak-peak of the MaCSBio department. This relaxed moment was also used by MaCSBio researchers to present their research through a guided poster session, which was very enthousiasticaly received by the guests.

When lunch was over and the poster session ended, everybody headed back to the Groene Zaal at Universiteitssingel 50, where the the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences is housed. The MaCSBio Science Day continued with the next speaker: Prof. Stefan Schuster and a lecture about Metabolic pathway analysis and a model of the Warburg effect. Then it was time for Prof. Roel van Driel with his presentation: Society should profit faster and better from modern life sciences: how to deal with very complex systems.

The official part of the MaCSBio Science Day 2016 came to end after some very kind words about MaCSBio by the president of Maastricht University: Prof. Martin Paul. And over drinks at the MaCSBio department the first MaCSBio Science Day came to an end. 

MaCSBio Science Day - Audience


Time Activity Speaker
09:30 Registration  
10:00 Opening and Welcome
Development Sciences: Research and Education
Prof. Thomas Cleij
10:15 Introduction MaCSBio Prof. Ilja Arts
10:25 Systems medicine of chronic diseases Prof. Ilja Arts
10:45 Computational and systems neuroscience Prof. Elia Formisano
11:05 Master Systems Biology Prof. Bert Smeets
11:25 Coffee break  
11:40 Genomics of Sox transcription factor specificity and redundancy Prof. Steve Russell
12:20 Ventral midbrain as driver for cortical plasticity Prof. Wim Vanduffel
13:00 Walking lunch with guided poster session  
15:00 Metabolic pathway analysis and a model of the Warburg Effect Prof. Stefan Schuster
15:40 Society should profit faster and better from modern life sciences: how to deal with very complex systems Prof. Roel van Driel
16:20 Closing Prof. Martin Paul
16:30 Drinks  
19:00 End  


MaCSBio - Science Day - Registration