Corporate Document Exploration (CorpDocEX), part of the Metro Institute, aims to provide research and analysis on corporate transactional documents with a focus on corporate finance documentation. 

An important pillar of nowadays corporate legal industry is the possession of high-end legal transactional documentation which can be used for the structuring of corporate operations. This can be the articles of association of a company, share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements or debt agreements. Whilst providing for flexibility, adequate protections and risk allocation for the involved parties are key characteristics of such transactional documents. Considering the stakes and risks in many corporate operations, such documentation needs as well to be tested and based on the latest scientific research. 

CorpDocEX will merge research, particularly in the area of law and economics and comparative law, with practice in the drafting of corporate documentation in order to provide cutting edge research and development on corporate solutions for law firms and companies. 

Project team

The project is led by Thomas Biermeyer and is externally adviced by Stanka Cherkezova. Both have a  strong track record in the drafting and research of corporate documentation.