Are you looking for practical work experience in a young, international research institute? At MaCSBio we give you the opportunity to get more familiar with working on research projects in the field of systems biology whilst learning from experienced colleagues. During your internship you can be involved in a variety of activities such as data generation, data analysis and modeling. But you will also experience your strengths and challenges as a researcher in the field of systems biology.

Cell-type specific markers of cardiovascular disease: it’s in our blood?

We are living in the age of obesity. Obese individuals are at an increased risk of developing disease, including cardiovascular disease (CVD). At the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology (MaCSBio), one of our aims is therefore to establish personalized risk profiles for CVD in the obese. The eventual goal is preventive medicine: identification of individuals that are at a higher risk, who can receive treatment before developing severe complications.

An ultra-high field fMRI investigation of attentive listening and category learning

We are looking for master and researchmaster students that are interested in studying how auditory processing changes with attention and learning

Multi-scale modeling of complex neuronal networks

In this project, you will perform a systematic analysis of modeling approaches and try to create a computational infrastructure using mathematical tools to bridge research domains and spatial scales of inquiry

Image Fusion in Medicine: Implementation of an algorithm for mass spectrometry and microscopy imaging

 in this project you will implement a previously described image fusion paradigm in Matlab (or another preferred medium). Here, image fusion refers to the generation of a single image from several source images (minimum of 2), and it typically aims to provide a more accurate description of the sample or combine information toward a particular human or machine perception task.

The metabolic model of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): the most common liver disease of our times

In this project, you will work on an established human hepatocyte metabolic model in Matlab and incorporate in-house generated lipidomics and transcriptomics data from NAFLD patients in the model. You will identify over/under-represented substrates, products and reactions.

Optimizing non-linear neural models in accordance with imaging and electrophysiological data

The information processing in the human brain is complex. The aim of computational modelling in neuroscience is to understand neural processing through underlying mechanisms at different scales. We aim to study the population level responses in the auditory cortex using the Wilson Cowan model of cortical dynamics, which represents the dynamic states of neural computations via interaction of Excitatory and Inhibitory units.

From mitochondria to neuronal signaling: a compartmental model

Neurons critically depend on mitochondrial function to establish membrane excitability and to execute the complex processes of neurotransmission and plasticity. Mitochondria are central for various cellular processes that include ATP production, intracellular Ca2+ signaling, and generation of reactive oxygen species. The fine-tuned coupling between neuronal activity and mitochondrial function is mediated by ions and substrates.

No internships that fit your interest?

Are there no projects that fit your current interests, but are you still excited to work at MaCSBio? We encourage you to send in a message where you tell us what you would like to do and we will contact you about the opportunities at MaCSBio.

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I study Health Sciences at Maastricht University, but I still have to complete two courses. These courses won’t start until February and during this gap I wanted to broaden my horizon and keep active with doing research.​
Cassy Dingena, Health Sciences Student