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Digitalization profoundly transforms businesses, economies, societies and revolutionizes research and education. SBE’s Digital Transformation Unit aims to investigate the societal consequences of novel digital technologies and leverage the possibilities of various technological developments in the way we learn, conduct research and organize work. DxU helps SBE to shape the scientific, societal and policy debates on digitalization by uniting a multidisciplinary group of expert researchers, policymakers and business stakeholders. 

SBE’s Digital Transformations Unit DxU contributes to SBE's transformational initiatives by creating a platform where researchers, policymakers and business partners co-create knowledge and share best practices on digitalization and automation and their societal consequences.

DxU connects SBE researchers working on digitalization and automation with each other, and with colleagues at Maastricht University, policy makers and business partners. It also provides a structure of non-formal and informal learning, designed to inspire and encourage researchers to improve their proficiency in a wide variety of methodological and technical skills. This ensures that SBE research and education benefit optimally from the opportunities created by digitalization.

DxU starts small, but dreams big. We organize four main activities to help SBE achieve a balanced portfolio of strategically interesting research projects on digitalization and automation, and train our staff. You can learn more about them by clicking on the links: