Regional Transition Platform

The region faces major sustainability challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and resource depletion. In order to turn the tides, many social systems must be transformed so we can change into a more sustainable society. Systems that need to transformed are for example, the energy, production, mobility and food systems. These transformations are complex because they are connected to everything. In order to make the transformation successful a lot of (experiential) knowledge is needed.

Together with the City of Maastricht, UM has taken the initiative to become more anchored in the region. Knowledge in the field of sustainability and transitions can thus be shared more effectively with public and private organisations in our society. And vice versa: the regional partners provide new knowledge and pose new knowledge questions to science. As a solution to this, the Transition Platform was developed as a knowledge hub to better guide and accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

 Read the interview with Nicole Rijkens and Erwin de Bruin to know more about the organisation of the Regional Transition Platform.

Knowledge Hub

The goal of the platform is to accelerate sustainability transitions in the region by sharing (experiential) knowledge with each other, entering into new collaborations and achieving sustainable practices. The platform functions as a meeting place, also called a knowledge hub, for government, business, civil society organisations, citizens and researchers. Its operation is programmatic in nature: projects, workshops and events are organised. The learning experiences, new knowledge gained and new handy tools are then shared with society. By initiating and facilitating the platform, Maastricht University not only stimulates sustainability within research and education, but also has a booster function in the region to accelerate sustainability.


The Regional Transition Platform was launched on October 6, 2023. Prior to the launch, hard work went into the co-creation of the platform. Together with the Municipality of Maastricht, several knowledge sessions were organised to brainstorm on the shape of the platform. Various stakeholders from the (Eu)region attended. At the moment the aim is to eventually connect more partners to the platform.


The platform is supported and shaped by researchers from Maastricht University and organisations in the region and Euregion that see added value in knowledge creation and sharing in the field of sustainability. Overall coordination is done by Nicole Rijkens, Maastricht University, and Erwin de Bruin, Municipality of Maastricht.