Olajide Olugbade, MA European Studies on Society, Science and Technology

My name is Olajide Olugbade, I am from Nigeria. I am studying the master’s programme, European Studies on Society, Science and Technology (ESST). I have a bachelor’s degree in Project Management and have worked as a Management Consultant with a focus on Governance, Risk and Compliance.

I was interested in understanding the societal implications of the new advances in Science and Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how they can be harnessed for the greater good. Studying ESST has exposed me to even more than I expected. My favourite course so far has been Politics of Knowledge because of its increasing relevance to a highly contested society in which we now live. I can confidently say the STS discipline in the Netherlands is one of the strongest globally. I loved interacting with students from different cultures and fields of study during tutorial discussions and learning from their different perspectives. I also enjoy participating in student and faculty activities as the Student Representative of my programme. I definitely love the Bandito restaurant at the Faculty of arts and Social Sciences and am going to miss it so much as I go on my exchange abroad. I am glad I came to study at Maastricht University.

Olajide Olugbade
March 2022