YUFE Student Journey Transforms into OpenYUFE

YUFE is thrilled to announce that its student program, the YUFE Student Journey, evolves into OpenYUFE, enabling students to apply all year long. This exciting development marks a shift towards a more flexible and accessible learning experience for students across Europe. 

Unleash Your Potential with OpenYUFE 

OpenYUFE empowers students to design their own academic adventures. Unlike the previous fixed application periods, OpenYUFE allows students to apply anytime throughout the year. This eliminates the pressure of strict deadlines and empowers students to pursue their educational goals on their own timelines.

Tailor Your Learning Path 

OpenYUFE offers a range of academic courses, language programs, professional development workshops, and intercultural activities across 10 prestigious European universities. Students can curate their ideal learning path by selecting lectures from any YUFE partner institution, fostering a truly international perspective. 

How to Apply

Visit the YUFE Virtual Campus. Once there, you can create your profile and submit your application. 

We encourage all students seeking a dynamic and internationally focused learning experience to explore OpenYUFE and embark on their personalised journey toward academic excellence. 

OpenYUFE applications start on the 1st of September 2024.

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