Your gut microbiota is affecting your decisions

Changes in your gut microbiota affects how much risk you take and even how you invest your money. This is according to research by Aline Dantas, Alexander Sack, Elisabeth Br├╝ggen, Perian Jiao, and Teresa Schuhmann of Maastricht University. Taking probiotics can not only improve gut health but also influences cognition and decision-making.

Brain-gut connection

Healthy gut has a major impact on overall health, including the brain. The brain-gut axis is a fancy word to describe how brains connect and communicate with the gut. The research shows that a healthy gut, through the brain-gut connection, has a positive effect on our decision making / decision making ability with a significant decrease in risk taking and an increase in forward looking choices.

Giving nature a helping hand

The study shows that people who improve their gut microbiota by taking probiotics start to exhibit different behaviors. They take fewer risks and better assess time effects. Probiotics consist of healthy bacteria that reduce intestinal complaints and allergic reactions and ensure a better metabolism. This favorable effect ultimately works on the functioning of the brain and therefore also on our cognition, behavior, and decision-making.