7 February 2019

Women’s legal advice centre: for women, by women

The women’s legal advice centre (Stichting Vrouwenrechtswinkel) has its office in a large building on Franciscus Romanusweg. Women law students at the centre support women with legal problems, mostly by providing advice. For two hours on Thursday and Friday mornings, the office is open to any woman with a legal question. Chair of the foundation Nicky Limbourg is a third-year Dutch Law student who first worked for a year as a volunteer before taking on her current role. ‘During that year I came up with a lot of ideas for ways to raise awareness of the women’s legal advice centre, and I like to do other things alongside my studies.’

Women's rights

A listening ear in a safe environment

Afterwards they always contact the woman again to check if things are working out well. ‘The matters they come with are often emotional, so we see ourselves as more than just a law centre. Women really appreciate the listening ear we provide.’ There are usually around 15 volunteers working at the centre for three hours a week. How would Nicky describe them, also with an eye to recruiting new volunteers? ‘They’re often more the serious type, I’d say, and also with feminist leanings.’


You can spend most of your time as a student in the library with a book or in the bar with a beer, of course – both are important in your student days. But it’s great to see that there are students in Maastricht who choose to devote some of their free time to society. I firmly believe that this benefits not only society, but also the students themselves. By working together, we can all help to improve society. I’d like to compliment all the students who realise this at such a young age.    
Rianne Letschert, Rector Maastricht University
By: Femke Kools (tekst)