14 December 2020

Vegetables and fruit are healthy. And we're going to prove it.

Hidde van Steenwijk, a former pharmacy student, became fascinated by the health effects of vegetables and fruit and is now a PhD student at Campus Venlo's 'Food Claims Centre Venlo' (FCCV). Within the Dutch government’s top-sector project 'The Value(s) of Vegetables and Fruit' he will be working on an innovative challenge model over the next four years through which he hopes to scientifically demonstrate the health benefits of fruit and vegetables.  And it is needed. We all know that fruit and vegetables are healthy, but at the same time only a quarter of all children and 16% of adults meet the recommended daily requirements. If the positive health effects are actually proven, there is a huge potential benefit. By the way, did you know it is better to steam broccoli than boil it? And that you should eat tomatoes regularly because they contain a substance that can prevent the development of diseases of affluence?