Valorisation Prize for Theresa Thoma-Lürken

During the annual Maastricht University Dinner, Theresa Thoma-Lürken received the Valorisation Prize for her thesis "Innovating Long-Term Care for Older People". Dr. Thoma has researched innovations in elderly care and specifically developed a decision support app for district nurses and case managers.

Unanimous decision
The jury, consisting of Dr Nick Bos, Executive Board (chairman), Dr Yvonne van der Meer, Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Dr Helen Mertens, MUMC +, Prof. Thomas Cleij, FSE, Prof. Jan Cobbenhagen, Brightlands Health Campus, Prof. René Kemp, FSE / ICIS - SBE / MERIT and Antoinette Stöcker, MUO (secretary) was unanimous in its decision that this dissertation had the greatest impact on society. The prize consists of € 3,000 - made available by UM and the University Fund / SWOL together - plus a work of art.

An inventory of healthcare innovations
Different organisations are busy with a range of innovations in elderly care. However, the resulting knowledge is not shared, which means that organisations often end up reinventing the wheel. Also, the effectiveness of many of those innovations is often not investigated, which means that ineffective measures are sometimes widely introduced. Theresa Thoma has clearly mapped this out and set up a database for and by healthcare organisations. It lists (effective) innovations and allows for new innovations to be registered. Many of these innovations could save labour and thus contribute to one of the major challenges in (elderly) care.

The Langer Thuis App - a decision support app
Thoma has also developed the Langer Thuis App, a decision support app that helps district nurses and case managers provide adequate diagnostics and search for adequate solutions. The app, which was developed in collaboration with, among others, MEMIC and Instrument Development, Engineering and Evaluation (IDEE), was received enthusiastically by potential users, who indicated that they would like to use the app.

The project, a combination of science and practice, was funded by the Province of Limburg which supports improving the quality of life of both the elderly and care professionals.



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