8 July 2021

UM's Sports Council MUSST looks back and forwards

UM's Sports Council MUSST looks back on a year without sports tournaments. A year without a sports gala. A year without other (sporting) events. But more importantly, it is looking (forward) to a year full of these activities. A barbecue here and there. One constitution drink after another. And the catching up has already begun. "Moreover, we can organize events ourselves again, such as the sports event during the INKOM. We are super excited about that!", says MUSST board member Famke Nouwens.

Bigger events

Furthermore, there is good hope that the other larger events such as the sports gala and the cantus can also take place next year. "But that's up to the new board to organize, because by then we won't be around anymore," says Famke. However, that new board is yet to be found, and therefore there are still several vacancies.

On the MUSST Facebook page you can get a good impression of what MUSST parties and events usually look like…

Students can come to the MUSST for...

Every UM student or student at a higher education institution in Maastricht can reach out to the MUSST with questions about student sports. The MUSST has a good overview of what sports are available in Maastricht and can help you find the right sports association. In addition, if you think a sport is missing, the MUSST can help you start a new student sports association. Even if you run into problems with an association, the MUSST is there for you!

Will you be part of the new MUSST board?

Are you ready for something different and do you want to extend your time as a student with one more year? Can't wait for more social activities and would you also like to organize them? Sports Council MUSST is urgently looking for a new board for the academic year 2021-2022. As a member of the board you will make sure, together with the other board members and UM SPORTS, that the 31 Maastricht student sports associations can practice without any problems. You will work together with the boards of these associations and represent the student athletes.

More information about MUSST and all vacancies can be found on www.musst.nl.

Famke Nouwens

In the academic year 2020-2021, Famke Nouwens is responsible for the PR and sponsoring of the MUSST. Together with the President, Treasurer and Secretary, she is part of the current MUSST board.

MUSST board 2020-2021

MUSST bestuur 2020-2021
From left to right: Anouk van Ool (President), Floor Hegge (Secretary), Toine Wehrens (Treasurer) and Famke Nouwens (Commissioner PR and Sponsoring)
By: Mai Henckens