UM's ranking as an employer in MT500: substantial rise

This spring, our attention was drawn to good news from the MT500. This is the annual report of a study into the reputation of Dutch companies and institutions among 'managers, decision-makers and executives'. It is a peer-to-peer assessment: respondents judge companies that operate in their own sector.

UM's position in the MT500 rose sharply: in the overall ranking of 'Universities, Colleges and Training Institutes with the best reputation in the Netherlands', UM was ranked 3rd (2021: 13th). In the category 'Employers with the best reputation in the Netherlands' in our sector, UM holds first place. In the complete top 500 of companies and institutions, UM is ranked 43 (in 2021: 285, an increase of 242 places). Respondents were asked to indicate their top three most admired companies. They then rated these top three on five aspects: customer focus, product leadership and quality of execution, good employment practices and sustainability.

‘Possible' causes of increase

Where such an increase comes from, the research does not make clear. Explaining the ranking is not part of the MT500 study.

  • Could it be that organisations with a good balance between working in an international setting but also with national and regional significance are more popular? That is typical of UM.
  • Does our visible commitment to Recognition and Rewards, Future of Working@UM and Leadership Academy play a role?
  • Or is it because the meaning of work is changing? People are looking for more meaningful relationships, also at work. They want work that contributes to society as a whole, they want to be able to develop within an organisation. That suits universities and UM.

Nice, but let's move on....

It is nice that managers from outside UM see us as the best employer in the sector. It is much more important that we create an organisation for our own employees and for future employees where they want to work and where they want to be. That is why we take care of everyone at the university and invest in paying attention to all aspects of work at the university. For education, research, support and the cooperation between them.

Read the short interview with UM President Rianne Letschert here (in Dutch).

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  • In the morning of Wednesday, 22 May, a group of student protestors occupied a Maastricht University (UM) building at Grote Gracht. This prompted the university to engage in discussions with the protesters, some of whom had also set up a tent camp behind the building the previous week. 

  • For safety reasons and to ensure the continuity of teaching and research, Maastricht University has taken a number of measures.