UM team wins national biology contest

Last week, 3 October, a team competing on behalf of Maastricht University in the national biology ‘Battle of the Universities’ won first prize earning them the title: 'Best biologists of the Netherlands 2019’.

In six rounds of pub quiz-style questioning, the UM team was able to recognise a dodo from a scrambled picture, recognize the sound of a koala and identify malate as the missing component of the Krebs cycle.

UM team wins 'Best Biologists of the Netherlands 2019'

From left to right:

  • Selien op den Kamp (MSP)
  • Willem Voncken (BMS)
  • Nadja Verspagen (MSP)

The team consisted of Maastricht Science Programme (MPS) student Selien op den Kamp, MSP alumna Nadja Verspagen and Biomedical Sciences teacher Willem Voncken. The UM team members have won a year-long subscription to Bionieuws, the Golden Microscope 2019 and have earned the title ‘Best Biologists of the Netherlands 2019’.

The UM competed against teams from biology programmes of Leiden University, Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University and VU Amsterdam.

General biology at UM can be studied as part of the Maastricht Science Programme and the life sciences-side at Biomedical Sciences.

The competition was organised by Bionieuws the Dutch biweekly journal for Biologists of the Netherlands Association for Biologists NIBI. Bionieuws celebrated its 100th anniversary and organised this event as part of the national ‘Week of Biology’.