30 October 2017

UCM takes part in EU-project to promote Liberal Arts and Sciences

University College Maastricht (UCM) is taking part in a three year Erasmus+ project called ‘Creating Responsive, Engaging And Tailored Education with Students’ (CREATES). The project promotes Liberal Arts and Sciences in Europe and stimulates cooperation between European universities.


These toolkits will be presented to other university programmes during a series of conferences, including one on academic advising, which will be held in Maastricht in 2020. Teachers, advisors and students will be taught to work with these toolkits during a series of international training events.

According to Prof. Dekker the CREATES-project is a breakthrough in European liberal arts-education: “All partners in this project provide responsive, engaging and tailored education and have extensive experience with it. Together, they form a genuine European community of practice that is at the forefront of educational innovation.”   

Erasmus+ offers a range of opportunities for European organizations to access funding for education, training, youth and sport activities. Erasmus+ also supports transnational partnerships among education, training and youth institutions and organizations to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of education and work in order to tackle the skills gaps in Europe.