4 December 2018

Two silver Reimagine Education Awards for KE@Work

The results are in! Following the news of KE@Work’s nomination for the prestigious Reimagine Education Awards, the ‘triple win’ initiative indeed added two more wins to that list. 

A unique and challenging experience

KE@Work is the brainchild of Professor Frank Thuijsman. “We wanted to offer students a unique and challenging experience, which helps them participate in the labour market while simultaneously keeping them engaged with their studies”, he commented earlier.

Ellen Narinx-Schrauwen and Mel Schickel, the previous and current coordinators of KE@Work, are also involved with the project. However, it takes more than just the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering to receive an award for best partnership: congratulations are also in order for all of the partner businesses, DKE students and supervisors that continue to make KE@Work a success.

Starting from their second year of study, talented and motivated bachelor's students from the Knowledge Engineering programme work at (international) companies in the region.

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