Two NWA Science Communication subsidies for Maastricht University

Two consortia led by CAPHRI researchers Dr. Rowan Smeets and Prof. Dr. Gera Nagelhout have received a Science Communication grant from the National Science Agenda (NWA). The aim of the projects is to bring science and society closer together. With this Science Communication call, the NWA aims to provide an impetus for innovation in the field of science communication. Interaction, collaboration, and reciprocity between science and society are central.

In Dr. Smeets' project, named ‘Healthcare of the future’, the Living Lab for Sustainable Care Limburg, in collaboration with Burgerkracht Limburg and communication agency Mockus, aims to facilitate learning between citizens and scientists, foster dialogue, and thus work towards more connection and co-creation of care. This project is carried out in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dirk Ruwaard, Dr. Arianne Elissen, and UM press officer Mark van der Linde.

In Prof. Dr. Nagelhout's project, the goal is to utilize the experiential knowledge of people with low literacy, a mild intellectual disability (LVB), or low health literacy to systematically advise health scientists in a newly established advisory group. She is conducting this project in collaboration with Dr. Latifa Abidi and Ir. Janneke ten Kate (Platform31).