YUFE – Young Universities for the Future of Europe

Towards a truly European university

Imagine that you could follow one study programme compiled from the academic offer of eight European universities. You study in (eight) different countries. You also live there for a while, learn the language a bit, and maybe do some volunteer work there. Those extra activities are acknowledged on your diploma, which is valid throughout Europe. You get a truly European study experience – and graduate as a truly European citizen. Over the next three years, the YUFE Alliance, led by Maastricht University (UM), wants to realise that vision and create a truly European University.

What is YUFE?

YUFE stands for Young Universities for the Future of Europe; it’s a cooperation between eight universities (in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Finland, United Kingdom and Italy). With the help of a subsidy from the European Commission, they will be working on the European University.

Why is UM the driving force?

UM has long been a European university with programmes such as European Studies, European Law and European Public Health. The location also creates an international atmosphere. "We are looking forward to making a significant contribution to this unique development within European higher education," said Martin Paul, UM's president and chair of the YUFE alliance.

Immerse yourself in Europe

Each participating university works together with companies, social organisations and governments – for example to organise internship opportunities. The idea is for students to quickly immerse themselves, so that they can have a positive impact in the eight participating cities and regions.

YUFE is for everyone

YUFE will pay particular attention to including students with limited access to university education, such as migrants and those from less well-off backgrounds as well as "lifelong learners". All to make sure that it delivers well-trained professionals to smooth the path towards European integration.

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One of seventeen alliances
Sixteen other networks of universities received subsidies from the European Commission (EC) to put their ideas into practice. The EC’s assignment for which alliances could submit proposals was to create an initiative that brings together a new generation of creative Europeans who can cooperate across borders (in terms of language, national borders and disciplines) to solve major social issues and to provide highly qualified employees for the European labour market.

The YUFE alliance

  • Maastricht University (coordinator) - the Netherlands
  • Carlos III University of Madrid - Spain
  • University of Antwerp - Belgium
  • University of Bremen - Germany
  • University of Cyprus
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • University of Essex - United Kingdom
  • University of Rome Tor Vergata - Italy
YUFE alliance as part of European Universities initiative

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