28 March 2019
Smart Mixes book

Smart Mixes for Transboundary Environmental Harm


METRO is proud to present the long-awaited volume 'Smart Mixes for Transboundary Environmental Harm', edited by Michael Faure and Niels Philipsen, together with André Nollkaemper (University of Amsterdam) and Judith van Erp (Utrecht University). It is published by Cambridge University Press.

The book contains contributions by inter alia our METRO colleagues Marjan Peeters and Mathias Müller, and by many distinguished national and international experts including Prof. Neil Gunningham, the scholar who two decades ago published the first book on 'smart regulation'. The book also includes long introductory and concluding chapters on the concept of smart mixes and lessons learnt from the many individual chapters.


Book description

This work offers a multidisciplinary approach to legal and policy instruments used to prevent and remedy global environmental challenges. It provides a theoretical overview of a variety of instruments, making distinctions between levels of governance (treaties, domestic law), types of instruments (market-based instruments, regulation, and liability rules), and between government regulation and private or self-regulation. The book's central focus is an examination of the use of mixes between different types of regulatory and policy instruments and different levels of governance, notably in climate change, marine oil pollution, forestry, and fisheries. The authors examine how, in practice, mixes of instruments have often been developed. This book should be read by anyone interested in understanding how interactions between different instruments affect the protection of environmental resources.