30 May 2017

Six Vidi grants for talented UM researchers

NWO has awarded a Vidi grant worth 800.000 euro to six experienced UM researchers a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros: prof. dr. Pamela Habibovic (FHML/MERLN), dr. Joost Lumens (FHML), dr. Ann Meulders (FPN), dr. Benedikt Poser (FPN), dr. Vera Schrauwen-Hinderling (FHML), and dr. Stephan Smeekes (SBE). The grant enables them to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group. Vidi grants enable researchers to do research for five years. NWO awards Vidi grants every year. A total of 590 researchers submitted an admissible research project for funding during this Vidi funding round. Eighty-nine of these have now received grants.