Silvia Evers new Scientific Director CAPHRI

Prof. dr. Silvia Evers is appointed as scientific director of CAPHRI as of 1 November 2021. She succeeds Prof. dr. Maurice Zeegers.

The appointment of Silvia Evers is for a regular period of 6 years. In addition to her role as Scientific Director of CAPHRI, she continues to work at the department of Health Services Research, as Professor of Public Health Technology Assessment and is she affiliated with the Trimbos Institute.

Silvia Evers

Silvia Evers is ‘Made in Maastricht’: she studied Health Sciences, Epidemiology and Law and obtained her PhD in Maastricht. Since the early nineties, she has been working in the field of Health Economics. She is a recognized scientist who initiates and organizes various (inter)national meetings. She strives for an independent and open research culture with a focus on team science, open science, recognition & reward and societal impact. Professor Evers has an extensive (inter)national network and is a member of many (inter)national committees and editorial teams. Coming from a multidisciplinary background and having worked within various groups, she enormously values (inter)national collaboration between disciplines both within and outside the university, as well as with various stakeholders in healthcare. Since her studies, she has been involved in education in various roles.

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