Rudolf Müller appointed academic director of BISS institute

Rudolf Müller has been appointed scientific director of the Business Intelligence and Smart Services Institute (BISS). Müller is professor of Quantitative Infonomics at the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of Maastricht University (UM). As of 1 October, he will head the BISS knowledge and innovation centre on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen.

The BISS is a partnership between three knowledge institutes: UM, the Open University of the Netherlands and Zuyd University of Applies Sciences. It was established in order to help the Smart Services Campus, founded jointly by UM, the Province of Limburg and the pension fund APG, to achieve its ambitions by means of research and education. The BISS hosts academics who collaborate with other campus participants to apply insights from the field of data sciences to the development of new smart services. In addition, the BISS will serve as a home base for projects and experiments in the emerging master’s and professional programmes in the areas of Business Intelligence and Smart Services. 

Rud.olf Müller was appointed thanks to his outstanding academic achievements in relevant fields and his extensive experience in administrative and leadership roles. Müller is currently Associate Dean of Education at SBE and previously served as Director of Studies for the School’s bachelor’s and master’s programmes. Over the years he has held various administrative posts at UM

UM places great value on the development of the BISS and data sciences. The aim is for the knowledge gained in this area to give a further boost to the development of research fields in which the university is already active. Therefore, high-quality research in the area of data analysis will go hand in hand with efforts to apply the findings in the development of the knowledge economy and society in general. To this end the new academic director at the BISS will further reinforce the existing expertise in the field of data sciences. A renowned researcher will therefore soon be added to the team. In addition, the new academic director will play a pivotal role in establishing fruitful collaboration between researchers from different disciplines in the various knowledge institutes and companies that are active on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus.

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