Research by Rosalie Mourmans (FPN) nominated for Klokhuis Science Prize 2023

Do vegetables taste better if you get to choose? With her research, Rosalie Mourmans, PhD student at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, tries to answer this question. This research earned her a place among the ten finalists of the Klokhuis Science Prize: a prize for interesting scientific research aimed at children aged 9 to 12. The prize aims to familiarise young audiences with scientific research in the Netherlands.

In her research, Rosalie divided 161 children into two groups: 'choose' and 'do not choose'. Each child was given three upside-down cups with a piece of vegetable. The 'self-choosing' group chose a cup without seeing the contents. In the 'do not choose' group, the trial teacher gave the children a cup. Each cup contained a piece of celery, so all children got the same thing. Yet the children in the 'self-selection' group more often opted to taste the vegetable. In short: choosing for yourself makes food tastier!

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Rosalie can win the Klokhuis Science Award if she gets the most votes. Would you like to help? You can vote for her project until Saturday 18 March via this link (website in Dutch). On Sunday 19 March, the prize will be awarded: an episode of the popular youth programme Het Klokhuis will be dedicated to the winning research.

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