Professor's Fund awards 6 grants to young researchers

The professors fund supports young excellent researchers at the beginning of their academic career UM wide. These young scientists often do not qualify for larger research grants and can use all the support they need for taking the important steps of applying for them. The committee of professors fund consists of professors Nanne de Vries (FHML, chairman), Wiebe Bijker (Fasos), Rob Bauer (SBE), Madelon Peters (FPN), Ralph Peeters (FHS / DKE), Aalt Willem Heringa (Law) and Jos Kievits (director University Fund Limburg). They are available for questions from professors who consider making a donation to the fund professors.

Since the fund was officially installed two years ago, a total sum of €40,500 was awarded to young researchers. The professors are very grateful to the support of their colleagues and hope to see more colleagues join this initiative.

Awarded grants 2016

  • Andrezj Baranski Madrigal (SBE). Andrezj research concerns Experimental Investigations on profit-sharing negotiations, cooperation, and economic efficiency.
  • Anna Sagana (FPN, Department of Clinical Psychological Science) for the purpose of research on ‘The effect of chronotype on eyewitness testimony.
  • Rik Moonen (FHML, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine) has received a grant for his research involving the development of a method for simultaneous PET/MRI scanning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Judy Chalabi (SBE, Finance). Judy's research, conducted in collaboration with the NYU Stern School of Business, explores the question of which determinants are applied by banks when setting interest rates on loans.
  • Margaret Tali (FASoS, Literature and Arts) for a 2-week research stay at Columbia University in preparation of her Marie Curie Global Fellowship application.
  • Ruud Hortensius (FPN, dept. of cognitive neuroscience) for his research project. His research project is twofold. First, the neural signature of forgiveness will be mapped with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Second, Virtual Reality will be used to increase forgiveness.

In total, an amount of € 14,500 was allocated in the decision-making round.

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