Producer versus consumer; the battle of the food claim

Nutritional claims such as 'light', 'low in fat', 'extra protein' have become more the norm than the exception on the products you come across in the supermarket. Is it a marketing ploy or is it a way to make people aware of healthy food?

Kelly Geyskens,  Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, has investigated whether this 'Decoy' effect also works to help people make healthier choices. During the research she used grapes and chocolate biscuits. The choice that was made was 50/50. When she added a third option, a less attractive product in terms of price, quality and taste, namely a carrot, it turned out that 73% opted for the grapes.

Curious what else Kelly has to say about her research? Then listen to the latest episode of the Werkprofessor on BNR

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