Presentation of Tapijn draft design

The draft design for the Tapijn area will be presented to Maastricht residents on Monday 1 February (starting at 19.30 in Brasserie Tapijn). A separate English-language meeting will be organised earlier that day for the UM community. Students and staff are welcome in the Student Services Centre's Karl Dittrich Hall at 16.30. The architect will present an artist's impression of the design, following a general introduction by the UM project leaders and Nick Bos, vice-chair of the UM Executive Board. This will be followed by a question round.

The Tapijnkazerne was officially acquired by Maastricht University, the Province of Limburg and the Municipality of Maastricht on 1 October 2013. The university and the province jointly own the buildings, while the municipality owns the undeveloped land. All involved parties drafted a long-term plan for the area in consultation with the city. The area will be transformed into a public park and the buildings will be reserved for research, education and other related purposes. After the draft document was approved, a tender procedure was launched to find a design team for both the buildings and the park.
UM has started using three buildings for research and education, start-ups and study areas as an extension of the University Library.

More information (only in Dutch): 

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