PhD cum laude for Hanneke Beerens

On 29 April 2016 Hanneke Beerens defended her PhD thesis titled ‘Adding life to years; quality of life of people with dementia receiving long-term care’ and was awarded the distinction cum laude. 

Hanneke Beerens’ thesis provides insight into the quality of life of people with dementia who receive long-term care at home and in long-term care facilities. In addition, her thesis shows which factors are associated with quality of life of people with dementia receiving long-term care at home and in long-term care facilities.

Beerens’ research shows that the quality of life among people with dementia in a nursing home is just as high as for those still living at home. The mood of people with dementia appears most important for a good quality of life, more than physical well-being or cognitive abilities, for example.

Beerens’ supervisors were Professors Jan Hamers and Dirk Ruwaard and co-supervisor was Dr Sandra Zwakhalen.

Prior to the PhD defence, a symposium was organised. The focus of the symposium was ‘Innovations in dementia care’. Speakers were Prof. Jan Hamers, Dr Hilde Verbeek, Dr Math Gulpers (MeanderGroep Zuid Limburg), Prof. Rose-Marie Dröes (Vumc) and Prof. Marieke Schuurmans (UMC Utrecht).

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