Personal donation for scientific research

On Monday 20 July, Hedi and her children Rik (15) and Lisa (14) will made a personal donation of €1,359 to researcher Bas de Laat and his team. The researchers are currently developing a test to detect blood clots, a project that is being co-financed by the Dutch Heart Foundation. The family collected the donation money at the funeral of Hedi’s husband and Rik and Lisa’s father, Benno, who died of a blood clot in his leg during a family holiday in England. He was forty-seven years old.

‘You should put your heart and soul into your research,’ says biochemist Bas de Laat. ‘It’s wonderful that Hedi, Rik and Lisa chose to support our research study. It’s extremely motivating for us as researchers and it confirms that we are dealing with issues that are important to our society.’

To read more about the research project and Benno’s story (in Dutch), read the press release published by the Dutch Heart Foundation. 

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