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Are you an academic staff member at Maastricht University? Your insights matter! 


Two years ago, we, Annechien Deelman (EDLAB), Hans Savelberg (FHML), and Anke Sambeth (FPN), participated in a Community of Practice to explore blended learning at UM. Along the way, we realised the profound impact of UM’s academic culture on our work and the delicate balance between education and research, which we termed “the academic culture”.

To delve deeper into the perceptions of academic staff members regarding UM’s academic culture and their motivation to invest in education, research, or both, we secured an EDLAB Research Fellow grant, approved in the summer of 2023. Supported by two students from FPN who wrote their master’s theses about the project, Carla Schenk and Katharina Theisen, we’re eager to learn more.

What’s the study about?

We’re keen to understand your academic identity, your perceptions of UM’s academic culture, and what drives you in your daily tasks. Your insights will enhance our understanding of UM’s culture and its impact on staff wellbeing.

Who can participate?
Whether you're involved in teaching, research, or a combination of both, your insights are invaluable. Even if you're engaged in other activities like clinical work, we want to hear from you!

How does it work?
Simply complete our brief survey, which takes less than 15 minutes. You’ll also have the opportunity to join a follow-up focus group session.

Why should you take part?
Your feedback could shape future policies, particularly regarding UM’s Recognition and Rewards programme. The outcomes will be shared with UM’s Executive Board and Deans.

Survey deadline
Kindly complete the survey by 1 May 2024. To participate, please click here.

Thank you for your valuable contribution!

The Academic Culture project team
Katharina Theisen and Carla Schenk (FPN students)
Annechien Deelman (EDLAB), Hans Savelberg (FHML), and Anke Sambeth (FPN)

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