19 March 2020

Observant and the corona crisis at UM

The university has closed its doors, but teaching continues, online and from a distance. Undeterred, Observant carries on doing what it’s good at: observe. The university magazine is closely following all developments regarding the corona crisis at UM, refreshing its website on a daily basis with new reports, background articles, live blogs and columns.

At www.observantonline.nl/English/coronacrisis, you can read a wealth of personal and in-depth stories, including on how students are coping with quarantine, how they’re grappling with the loss of income as they can no longer work on the side anymore, and how UM is trying to deal with yet another massive crisis, the second to hit the university within a period of just a few months, after the Christmas Eve cyberattack.

In addition to daily updates on COVID-19, the site also offers tips and alerts. You can find a selection of Observant’s background items on Facebook Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ObservantUM/, or via Instagram @observant_UM and Twitter @observantUM. Suggestions for stories are always welcome via observant[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.