The new bachelors programme Regenerative Medicine and Technology starts in September 2023

Regenerative medicine is an upcoming field where science and technology come together to design and develop new medical therapies based on regeneration. As of September 2023, the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences offers a new bachelor’s programme that trains students to develop methods that trigger the body to repair or renew itself.

regenerative medicine and technology

Programme coordinator Jurica Bauer is proud to announce that the bachelor’s programme Regenerative Medicine and Technology has been positively accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands. Students can now officially apply for this programme via Studielink.

Jurica: “The demand for professionals in the field of regenerative medicine is rising. For many patients, this type of technology can offer an excellent alternative to organ and tissue transplants and sometimes life-long medication. Healthcare organisations also benefit, because new technology can keep the costs down, while improving quality of care.”

The bachelor’s programme focuses on developing new methods for healing chronic diseases by repairing, replacing or restoring ill or damaged tissue and organs instead of merely treating disease symptoms. With the help of experienced faculty members and industry experts, students learn to translate scientific and technological inventions to regeneration-based innovative solutions. “This is the first programme in regenerative medicine at the bachelor level. It will provide students early on with a set of multidisciplinary skills, needed to work in this upcoming multidisciplinary field.”

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