24 May 2017

National Student Survey (NSE) 2017: Tax Law and European Law School in first place

The results of the annual National Student Survey (NSE) held in January 2017 are again very satisfactory. Like in previous years, we requested our students to make their voices heard by participating in this survey. We are very pleased that so many of them responded to our appeal again.


The results are excellent; the student’s judgements put our bachelor’s programmes Tax Law and European Law School in first place. Not taking into account the - substantially different - programmes in Notary Law (in previous years always a separate category), our bachelor’s programme Dutch Law ranks third place in its own category ‘Law’.

The results offer good prospects for the rankings in Elsevier Best Studies and Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs which will be published later this year. All results can be found on the kiesjestudie.nl website (unfortunately only in Dutch).