17 July 2018

Mundo projects in Indonesia will be completed next year

Mundo director Han Aarts visited the Faculty of Law of Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) in Bandung, Indonesia and with Lemdiklat, the training institute of the Indonesian police in Jakarta in June to discuss the planning of the final year. Both projects are funded by the NICHE programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mundo project in Indonesia

Blended learning
With Lemdiklat, the training institute of the national police based in Jakarta, the UM is developing the capacity to offer training in blended learning formats, using electronic learning in addition to face to face training. In June Han Aarts met with the Indonesian coordinator of the project, Brigadier Budi Purwoto and his staff, at Lemdiklat Headquarters, to discuss the activities programme in the remaining project year.  

Mundo at the Universitas Padjadjaran in Indonesia