13 May 2019

Minervalia back in Maastricht

On 14 May 14 at 11.00, the Minervalia, the oldest comedy printed in Maastricht, will be officially welcomed in the Dominicans bookstore, where it is exhibited until 21 July. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, this unique work is back home in Maastricht. Numerous large and small donations have helped reach the targeted amount of 12,500 euros. The motto "culture from Maastricht belongs in Maastricht" convinced many to contribute.

Only five copies exist of Jean Guyot’s Minervalia, a small book of great value. Printer Jacob Baethen produced something unique in 1554: a true Maastricht print with beautiful typography and a peculiar, humorous story. The Minervalia travelled 177 kilometres to come home to Maastricht.

Home at last

The University Library of Maastricht University would like to exhibit the Minervalia across the region as an important piece of cultural heritage. This wonderful work will also be used in education and research. There are discussions about a possible translation from Latin into Dutch. The University Library and the University Fund are even considering a theatrical performance of the work. The Minervalia will be the oldest piece in the UM Special Collections.