MaCSBio involved in two research proposals granted by NWO Complexity

There are a lot of factors that influence the health of our body, such as ageing, eating and drinking. How can you get this under control through nutrition? How do you prevent getting ill and keep your physical processes and systems robust and flexible?

These questions will be answered in four consortia that have been awarded a NWO-Complexity grant. MaCSBio is involved in two of these consortia and will carry out research regarding complex systems in the field of health and nutrition.

Complex Systems Framework for Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is a serious liver condition that occurs frequently in obese people. We propose an innovative method to improve understanding of the disease by a creating a mathematical model describing cellular and molecular changes throughout disease development. The model will assist to improve disease prevention and treatment.

Prof. Theo de Kok | Prof. Ralf Peeters | Dr. Gökhan Ertaylan

Complexity in Health and Nutrition

Overweight and obesity are refractory conditions of human physiology. By using personalized computer models of human metabolism understanding is obtained about the dynamics of the ‘obese system’ and whether the effects of changes in nutrition and gut microbiota on metabolic health can be predicted.

Prof. Natal van Riel | Prof. Ilja Arts

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The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) funds top researchers, steers the course of Dutch science by means of research programmes and by managing the national knowledge infrastructure.

MaCSBio is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science and the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. To achieve scientific breakthroughs that could not be achieved in individual labs, the centre brings together the expertise of physicians, biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists.

MaCSBio aims to develop a set of computational and mathematical models, applicable in science and clinic, that will advance our understanding of biological systems, and predict progression and treatment of complex diseases over time.

Complexity in Health & Nutrition
‘Complexity in Health & Nutrition’ is a research programme of NWO, the Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Agri&Food and TNO. This programme is part of the NWO-wide ‘Complexity' initiative, one of the six challenges NWO has set for the 2015-2018 period. The available budget for this programme is one million euros and is provided by the former NWO division for Physical Sciences.

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