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Maastricht scientist at Theater aan het Vrijthof

Marieke Dewitte is one of the scientists performing at the Maastricht Theater aan het Vrijthof on Tuesday, Oct. 10, during the theatre tour of the University of the Netherlands. A clinical psychologist and sexologist, Marieke researches sexual interaction between couples at the sex lab in Maastricht and knows all about sexual arousal.


Interactive theater lecture given by top scientists

The lectures and experiments in the theater tour cover topics such as money, climate, AI/future, love/sex, healthy living, music, brain, cultural heritage, crime, food, space/space, evolution/animal kingdom, nature/chemistry and history.

No long talks, but good interactive stories that will teach you something and make you laugh. Something trivial suddenly turns out to be very valuable if you look at it with a scientific view.

For the University of the Netherlands you do not need a degree, everyone is welcome. The University of the Netherlands, with a monthly reach of 1.2 million followers, brings science closer to you with this Live show in Maastricht. And that under the inspiring leadership of presenter and comedian Fuad Hassen. Because science is fun and for everyone.

Marieke Dewitte
Marieke Dewitte

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