22 September 2017

Maastricht Science Programme brings collection of Natural History Museum Maastricht to life

Thursday 21 September Maastricht Science Programme (MSP) and Natural History Museum Maastricht signed the covenant, making their collaboration official. With this cooperation both parties want to stimulate scientific research into Maastricht’s natural history collections and ensure joint projects in the field of biology, geology and paleontology.

Limburg is the province of the Netherlands with the biggest biodiversity and the collection of the Natural History Museum holds a lot of information about this biodiversity. Research into nature and environment can be done in the fields today, but the great thing about the museum’s collection is that it can tell us what happened in the past. We can see changes over time, giving us new insights on the influence of climate change.

During the event MSP students showed what they already have done for the museum. They demonstrated the hologram display and the virtual reality goggles, both showcasing the Mosasuarus.

The students have been active for the museum before: during the ‘Museumnacht’ they have designed an exposition about animal parenting in the tropical rain forest. This was a teaser for the exposition: ‘Mama’