25 September 2018

Maastricht psychologist receives Award for Promoting Psychology

For her contribution to the online magazine In-Mind, Maastricht psychologist Dr. Melanie Sauerland receives Award for Promoting Psychology from the German Psychological Society.

The German Psychological Society (DGPs) awards this year's Award for Promoting Psychology to the editorial board of the online magazine "The Inquisitive Mind", or In-Mind for short. The team is led by the Maastricht psychologist Dr. Melanie Sauerland and Dr. Oliver Genschow and Dr. Jan Crusius from the University of Cologne.

In-Mind (in-mind.org) publishes articles written by active psychologist researchers in easy-to-understand language. In addition, there are weekly blog posts and reviews of popular science books. German, English, Dutch, and Italian editions of the journal are available.

The prize is awarded every two years to private individuals, businesses, associations and public organizations that have contributed in a special way to promoting research and teaching in the field of psychology. The DGPs emphasizes that In-Mind "succeeds in presenting current and challenging topics from psychological research to laypersons in an understandable and interesting way. As a result, they make a firm contribution to the psychological education of the public." Conny Herbert Antoni, President of the DGPs, says: "The professionalism of the In-Mind team in attracting and reviewing submissions as well as in the final editing and dissemination of In-Mind content is impressive. There is no doubt that all members of the team have considerable expertise in science communication."

Also read the (German) news item on the DGPs-website.