15 June 2017
Support research and education at this university!

Maastricht Central

Today (15 June) alumni older than forty years old, professors and former employees of Maastricht University, will receive mail from the University Fund Limburg: our annual campaign has started!

Maastricht Central

With Maastricht Central , the slogan of our campaign, the university fund asks for donations to support research and education at Maastricht University.  Since the establishment of the university, over 40 years ago, the university fund has given scientists and students the means to start their research project or participate in a master’s programme.

Nowadays, Maastricht University belongs to the best young universities in the world. To ensure our leading position in Europe and beyond en to give the current and future students the same chances, we need extra funds.

Do you also want to make a donation or read more about the University Fund Limburg?
Go to www.maastrichtcentraal.com