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Looking back on the UM Dinner 2023

Yesterday, the exclusive UM dinner took place with the theme ‘Young Talent and Innovation’. Every year, UM invites renowned regional companies, professors and external guests to an exclusive dinner. Over 150 guests met to strengthen the ties with each other and the university during a special evening with inspiring guest speakers.

Young Talent and Innovation Award

The yearly event helps the important research at UM to take the important next steps. The University Fund Limburg, who organised the evening, gave the stage to the three young, promising academics Thomas Butterworth, Kay Deckers and Marie-Christine Fregin. In a short pitch, they talked about their innovative projects on plasma technology, dementia risk reduction and the implementation of AI in the workplace. Kay Deckers won the Young Talent and Innovation Award.

We thank all the guests and UM delegates for joining, the Provinciehuis Limburg, FOXX AV for their donation to the Fund, Kaneman Entertastement for yet another special food experience, and all the participating companies: Academische Werkplaats Ouderenzorg Limburg, APG, BASF Vegetable Seeds, Boels Zanders Advocaten, Boston Scientific, Brightlands, CBS, DSM Nederland, Equans, Municipality of Maastricht, ING, LIOF, Maastricht UMC+, Maastricht University, Rabobank, RO Group, SABIC, Siemens Healthineers, UMIO, VDL Nedcar bv

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