4 December 2017

Labour market becomes overcharged

Until 2022, the number of people in work in the Netherlands will grow by 520,000, which amounts to an average annual employment growth rate of 1.0%. Graduates of research universities and universities of applied sciences will have the best job prospects until 2022. People with a degree in technology, engineering or health care will have good to excellent job prospects, regardless of whether went to a school for senior secondary vocational education (MBO) or to a university. Employers will continue to struggle in the next few years to fill vacancies for technical staff and ICT specialists. The most significant employment growth is expected in the health care, wholesaling, specialist business consultancy and construction industries. Due to economic growth, there will be a greater demand for technically skilled staff, particularly in the construction industry. These are the main conclusions of the report entitled ‘De arbeidsmarkt naar opleiding en beroep tot 2022’ (The labour market by degree and profession until 2022), published by Maastricht University’s Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA).