KNAW Early Career Award 2020 for Vigjilenca Abazi

In the field of Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, Vigjilenca Abazi has won the  KNAW Early Career Award for her research on the relatively young subject of whistleblowing in the European Union.

Her interdisciplinary research, combining law, political science and political theory, provides insight into strengthening the public voice through legal protection of whistleblowers. This first in-depth study on whistleblowing also reveals the legal complexity of the European Union. Abazi also plays an important role in valuing education and research outside science. She does this with her international lectures and workshops, her commitment to making education accessible to girls and women and for the sake of academic excellence.

KNAW Early Career Award 2020 for twelve young researchers
Twelve young researchers receive a KNAW Early Career Award, three from each of the four domains of science of the Academy: Humanities, Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Medical, Biological and Health Sciences.

The prize, an amount of 15,000 Euros and a work of art, is intended for researchers in the Netherlands who are at the beginning of their career and have innovative, original research ideas. The twelve winners come from the full breadth of science.