1 November 2018

Katerina Kandylaki: The Neurobiology of Rhythm

Katerina Kandylaki, researcher (and dance teacher), is studying how the brain uses rhythm to process language.

Looking ahead

These results could mean that in future musical training can be used in order to develop general auditory skills that can help your language processing. An example would be creating better therapies for rehabilitation in patients who have suffer from aphasia, after stroke or not. The method would be to try and get patient in a certain rhythm to produce the correct language output.

This kind of therapy could also be used as training for children that have difficulty learning language. When young children in kindergarten start to sing, they also start to clap, they feel the rhythm and that helps them learn the language. Katerina, as part of this project, would also like to go to schools and help them understand what rhythm is and what it can mean for speech.

But first: establishing the knowledge.

By: Thom Frijns