21 December 2017
The UNDP and European Commission present:

Kapuscinski Development Lecture by Professor Alcinda Honwana at UM

On 26 January, the UM Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences hosted the Kapuscinski Development Lecture. The lecture ‘Youth in Movement: Waithood, Migration and the Peripheries’ at FASoS was given by Professor Alcinda Honwana, Inter-Regional Adviser on social development policy at the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs and visiting professor of Anthropology and International Development at the Open University in the UK. Dr. Honwana has carried out extensive research on political conflict and politics of culture; on the impact of war on children and youth; as well as on youth politics, social movements and political protest.

Kapuscinski lectures

The Kapuscinski lecture series offers students from the European Union member states an unprecedented opportunity to learn and discuss about development issues such as climate change, human rights, aid effectiveness, Europe-Africa relations, Sustainable Development Goals among other. The high-level events contribute to the debate and formulation of the European development policy. The lectures are livestreamed at and shared on the website of Kapuscinski Lectures.

100th Kapuscinski lecture! Alcinda Honwana at #KAPTalks 26 January 2018