24 May 2018

Joost à Campo appointed clinical professor of Transforensic Psychiatry

On 1 June 2018, Joost à Campo will be appointed clinical professor of Transforensic Psychiatry (0.2 fte) at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology. The chair position was created by Mondriaan.


Joost à Campo is affiliated with the Radix centre for forensic psychiatric care (part of Mondriaan) as a psychiatrist and head of Research & Development.
Transforensic psychiatry is a new research and treatment field that focuses on people with severe perception, cognitive, mood and/or behaviour disorders and their associated disruptive behaviours. This chair position aims to improve the effectiveness of care for these people in relation to changing legislation.

Dr à Campo will teach and carry out research on the developments in the mental healthcare sector in general and in the field of transforensic psychiatry in particular, as well as examine its significance for the field of law. His activities primarily aim to contribute to the elective course in the Master of Forensics, Criminology and Law. He will use this course to draw further attention to this chair position and its associated field.

Dr à Campo will also play a facilitating and supportive role in creating and supervising internships and supervision of theses. He will coordinate and support research in the field of transforensic psychiatry and contribute to faculty research studies and interdisciplinary projects headed by colleagues at other faculties (e.g. FPN and FHML).