Innovative Data Science research project wins award

A research project titled 'Intelligent games for assessing cognitive, social and physical capacities of elderly and children' was awarded a prize at Maastricht University's Pre-Dies Natalis symposium 'The Future of a Data-Driven Society' held on Thursday. Also at the symposium, Claudia Egher was declared the winner of the 'visionary essay competition'.


Video Symposium: The Future of a Data-Driven Society

The winning project's  main objective is to reduce all the paperwork and other administrative duties facing teachers and support staff at preschool and primary education through games and intelligent sensors. According to the jury, the project stands out because of its modular research structure and the high number of students involved in it. The winning team consists of 8 students from DKE, 5 scientists from DKE, 3 researchers from SBE, 2 from FPN and 1 from the Faculty of Law. Established by Maastricht University’s Institute of Data Science, the award was made available by the Limburg University Fund.

Also during the symposium, Claudia Egher (FASoS) was proclaimed the winner of the 'visionary essay competition'. The jury praised Egher’s essay, titled "Digital morning or manic by design", for its vision of big data, and for giving the reader a sense of what it will be like to live in a new, big-data future. The essay was published on the Data Science @ UM community website. It was written ‘with a great sense of style’ and has 'a surprising twist'.

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