Innovative Assessment Practices at the Education Festival: Insights and Takeaways

On 11 January, SBE's Education Institute (EdIn) held its annual Education Festival. This year, the festival-themed event aimed to be a celebration of innovative and effective practices in how assessments are done.

After an opening by Mark Vluggen, director of EdIn, the festival kicked off with a keynote speech by Dominique Sluijsmans, an expert in Curriculum Development,  on "The power of assessment in an aligned curriculum: five design principles." 

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Afterwards, visitors were able to explore different classrooms, each one representing a different "stage" of the Festival. In those classrooms, teachers would present their best practices and experiences on innovative ways of assessment. The topics ranged from VR and podcasting as assessment tools, to the nuances of grading and giving feedback. The festival atmosphere was lively and interactive, providing an engaging and informative experience for all attendees!


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