31 August 2020

Information on the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update #53, 31 August 2020

This new academic year marks the end of our series of corona updates. In recent months you received these weekly updates in your inbox and could read them online. From now on, corona-related information will be communicated by email, through the intranet, social media or UM News, or by your manager (depending on the message).

Looking back—and forwards

The corona crisis has placed extraordinary demands on our entire academic community. Since March, we as the Executive Board have focused on doing everything we could to support our staff and students, as well as other stakeholders, such as PhD candidates and prospective students. The goal was to allow education to continue as far as possible (albeit in an entirely new form), to ensure that colleagues could meet as needed, and to give people who genuinely had to work on location the opportunity to do so. Health and safety was our top priority at all times. We made countless decisions, some more difficult than others.

Many measures were put in place and guidelines drawn up across the four domains of education, research, students and employees.

 You can find an overview of these measures and guidelines on this website.

On this page you will find all up-to-date corona related information.