Information on AI & Education at Maastricht University

EDLAB has collected information to update the UM Teaching & Learning community about the recent advancements in AI and how they may affect education at Maastricht University.

“The AI & Education at UM webpages aim to assist educators in incorporating AI into their teaching while also safeguarding their education from potential risks,” said Walter Jansen, Sr. Coordinator Education Innovation at EDLAB.

This information provided will be particularly relevant to those involved in educational design, delivery, and assessment and also to staff involved in educational leadership. The focus is on suggesting ways to meaningfully use AI tools in Problem-based learning (PBL) education as well as taking precautions to mitigate any potential risks.

The webpages on AI & Education at Maastricht University were compiled by Walter Jansen and Bianca Massaci, a Master’s student at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences. The pages clarify the main concepts and provide generic tips on how to remain open to ongoing developments in AI applications for education and assessments while being mindful of potential risks. “We used various resources, including faculty fact sheets and academic literature,” said Walter. “The pages also highlight a series of events and initiatives related to AI and education.”

The current information examines the educational implications of two AI applications: Large Language Models such as ChatGPT, and Learning Analytics. “While Learning Analytics is not AI in itself, the algorithms used to analyse learning data are an example of AI in education,” Walter explained, adding that the pages will be updated and continue to expand as more AI applications are expected to have an impact on education.


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